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Since our formation in 2012, we have been providing restaurants, bars and industrial environments with one of the largest selection of on-code, certified fire equipment. From flammable equipment storage to full wet chemical fire suppression systems, we have you covered.

My name is Steve Smal and I have been working with fire safety equipment for the last 6 years. Fully insured, licensed and WSIB compliant, we serve all types of businesses, including restaurants, food processing companies, pharmacies, and also businesses in the industrial commercial sectors. More importantly, we equip day-care facilities and retirement homes with the highest quality fire suppression systems.

Our field of speciality is the installation, inspection and maintenance of fire suppression systems. We mainly service the southern Ontario area but gladly service other regions if desired!

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What We Do

There is much more to an effective fire suppression system than simply throwing up pipes and setting up the wet chemical tanks. Ensuring that a system is set up to minimize any loss of property or life is a very meticulous process.

We carefully assess your establishment, taking note of any high risk areas and plan your custom suppression system in a manner that will ensure any fire outbreak will be swiftly defeated.

Once a gameplan is established, we install your suppression system, carefully covering all ground and ensuring that the pipes of your new system are installed to not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

We are jam packed serving our clients with the best service in fire protection.


Our highly experienced staff will arrive on-site with your fire suppression system and ensure that it is as installed as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Fire suppression systems have a lifespan and regular inspections are vital to ensure that your equipment won't let you down when you need it most.


When your fire suppression system has been used or damaged, there is no need to scrap it. We are able to repair systems so that they're as good as new.

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Everything you need to be Fire Ready



Restaurants, bars, cafes...

Our fire suppression and fire alarm systems are ideal for any commercial at-risk environment. Protect your investments, and more importantly, your customers.

Featured Packages


2x 5lb Class ABCs, 1x Class K

Ideal for franchises, restaurants and coffee shops.

Only $499.00+HST


Free delivery within the GTA on all orders over $150


Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

State of the art suppression systems from:



Free delivery within the GTA on all orders over $150

Why Choose Us

You may have experienced fly-by-night contractors in the past. Maybe you've spoken with companies that claim to have the know-how or experience in fire suppression systems despite having no actual practical knowledge of their systems or how to maximize their effectiveness. We've definitely met companies like these before.

This is something that truly irritates us, as we know our systems are pieces of important safety equipment and not just some product to be sold.

It's this attitude and passion for what we do that allows us to guarantee you will pass any fire inspection and feel completely safe from any sort of fire outbreak in your establishment.

We're also more than just your local fire protection company. We're hardworking small businessmen and women, students working part-time, seniors getting the most out of life, and believe in making a difference in the communities we live and work in.

Fire Ready is fully insured, licensed, WSIB compliant, and dedicated to providing you with the highest possible quality. Learn more about us!

Fire Ready is a proud Baeumler Approved Contractor

...Because safety should be your first priority


Leo S

Steve has been nothing but a pleasure to work with over the past couple years. He has given me nothing but the best service and advise on Keeping my food truck tip top shape. He knows all the rules and regulations and gets the job done in a timely manner. Looking forward to using Steve's services for many more years to come.

Amaya Express Kitchener

Mr. Steve of Fire Ready is the best professional and very reasonable in charges. He is reliable, responsible and on time. He is there at all steps and made sure to clear the requirements. I would strongly recommend his services.

An V.

Steve at Fire Ready delivers top notch service! Very prompt and available with scheduling, helped advised and inspect my kitchen suppressant system in a clear manner and was very friendly throughout! Would definitely recommend to anyone else!

Thassiana Anjos

Thank you for your outstanding service. You were very knowledgeable and professional. I especially wanted to thank you for going the extra mile and getting it done on short notice. Will be coming back.

Fareed Adel

Amazing job with the fire safety and fire system installation at our food truck! We are very satisfied and would highly recommend Steve for hire. He is friendly, works with your schedule, and gets the job done professionally. Thanks Steve!

Cliff Rambaran

My Auto Body shop was inspected by the H & S inspector and we had 7 days in which to comply with his Notice of Violations, one of which was the installation of a Flammable Cabinet. I called several companies and kept getting the run around and of course because of our need the price kept going up with hidden costs. No one asked for details of the violation or even offered any advice on how to become compliant in a cost effective manner. Eventually I found Fire Ready and spoke to Steve. He was very polite and took the time to find out exactly what the violation stated. He then offered suggestions of possible options. Eventually, because of his empathy towards my situation (I am a small body shop trying to survive in this economy) he quoted me the actual price and without even me asking he suggested he would speak to his Manager in an effort to get me a reduced price. He got back to me the same day and gave me a satisfactory price which saved me hundreds of dollars. He took the time to work with me so that I could have the Flammable Cabinet delivered to my shop before the deadline for compliancy. This was a surreal experience in which I found a sales person willing to listen, empathize and provide assistance with a single goal, which was to help me to my satisfaction. Thinking that the experience was over, to my surprise, he called me the next day to follow up and confirm that we did receive the cabinet, that it was not damaged in transit and that it met my needs. As I said, in my business I deal with numerous suppliers who go through the "take it or leave it" attitude and here I found a sales person who really wanted to help me to satisfy my needs with a very cost-effective solution. Thanks Steve, you were amazing. For anyone reading this, I can assure you will not be disappointed if you contact Steve for help.

Vang Mgmt

We used Steve with Fire Ready to inspect, repair and certify the fire/smoke systems at some of our rental properties in the area. We found him to be very knowledgeable, well priced, helpful and on time, which is always nice in the property management business. We will definitely use him again.

Aliya N

It they would have ten stars, I would give them. Services are outstanding. My brother is a new immigrant who bought an establishment and we required alcohol license. Before Steve we hired three separate companies all of which assured they would do a job..... we paid over $1000 to them. Guess what... never returned our calls, did not provide necessary documentation. Then I found Steve....Steve first, knows exactly what he is doing. From the very first time we saw him he was knowledgeable, professional, and on top of things. Secondly, he goes an extra mile. He called our fire inspector to ensure he provides exactly the documentation needed. Lastly, he keeps his word and get you a discount. Very professional! Highly recommend if you need work to be done.

Stephen Mitchell

It was very easy to work with Fire Ready. My invoice was clear and promptly put together, and they followed up with me when I did not reply right away which I like since I'm busy. The order arrived quickly and was what I expected. Overall I definitely recommend.

Chris Welch

Dealing with Steve was a great experience. I was in the market for a 45 gal flammable liquids cabinet and spent several weeks looking for the best price. No one came close to his pricing! The products great, solidly built, and keeps my business in compliance with Gov't regulations! 10/10, would deal with again!

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